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Updates - What’s been going on?

I hope everyone had a great July 4th Holiday! With the holiday and Lauren’s birthday, we’ve been a little crazy around here. But I wanted to update you on a lot of things that I’ve mentioned previously on here and left you hanging. So here goes. . .

Lucky Ducky Designs - I’ve been working on the headband section of the website. You can now order by size - Small is 19-1/2″ and fits roughly toddlers to small adults. Large is 21-1/2″ and should fit most adults. A handful are only available in small size since it was the end of the fabric. Next week Lauren has camp again and my goal is to actually get headband pics instead of fabric swatches up. Wish me luck.

Adoption - I haven’t mentioned our adoption journey in a while since, honestly, nothing is going on. I mentioned before that all of those contacts were rare and we were due for a dry spell. Well, it came. The twins situation the end of April was the last one we have had. On our end, I was moving forward with the facilitator and then Indiana had to get involved and make it illegal to use a facilitator - go figure. So we are in limbo while they are working on the work around. Hopefullly that will get resolved soon. We need to send another 50 copies of our letters to the agency and I really want to redo our website - I just don’t have the design pictured in my head yet. That is how I work, I need to have it all mapped out in my head first, or I just spin wheels. But my mind is getting closer to being done :-) .

the basement - what ever happened here? Well a show everyweekend really put a damper on the basement, and then the nice weather. But I need to get back to it. I would love to have it ready for fall. I saw some shelves in Pottery Barn for sale that I like, but of course Scott, poopooed them. We’ll see. I also haven’t figured out (in my head of course) how I want to block off the heater and utilities yet.

Embroidery machine - Do I have an embroidery machine - yup. One of these years I will figure it out. It’s the thread and stabilizer that I haven’t taken the time to decipher yet. It just seems like it will be that much more that will need to fit in my sewing room too. Someone just slap me and tell me to just do it already. We would all be happier. . .

New products for shop - I’ve been doing custom aprons besides just toddler ones - especially mom & daughter combos. I want to figure out the correct sizing to offer and get them added to the shop. Once I get my photos updated on the shop, that is next on my list.

So how’s that for an update. In addition we are adapting to having a four-year-old in the house instead of a three-year -old. Oh the independence is just oozing from her now. I haven’t gotten pics off my camera yet, but when I do, I’ll fill in on her party.

So that’s it in our life - what’s up in yours?

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