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November 22nd, 2009


So many posts, so little time. . .

July 29th, 2009

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It didn’t dissapoint - the 54th & Monon Art Fair

June 12th, 2009

Well it is a week later and I am finally posting about the 54th & Monon Art Fair last Saturday.  It was great.  I should say G.R.E.A.T!!!  The weather was the best it could possibly be - sunny but not too hot, breezy, but not too much.  Add to that the best fair organizers I have seen.  More importantly the best shoppers around.  I feel like part of a neighborhood gathering when I am there.  Everyone is enjoying themselves, the music, the products.  Many share the stories of their purchases.  And, I cannot forget to mention the purchases.  It was my best single day sales ever!!! By 40%!!!  It doesn’t get better than that!

I finally got around to taking some newer booth pics.  I intended to get some pics of those around me, but it didn’t happen.  I did however, get to chat with my friend Becky afterwards.  Becky - you are fun to hang with!

I can’t wait until next year already.  Enjoy the pics!

straight on the left side The right sideBibs and suchBlankets & setsAprons

54th & Monon Art Fair - This Saturday!!!

June 3rd, 2009

I know - I’ve been away for awhile again.  You must be used to it by now. Oh well.  But I wanted to let everyone know about the art fair this weekend.  It is my favorite show!!!  The 54th & Monon Art Fair.
54th& Monon

I love this art fair.  The vendors are great.  The organizers are great and the crowds are great.  And can you beat free hotdogs and lemonade!  This will be my 3rd time doing this show.  The first was amazing.  Last year it rained except the last 2 hours and I did more sales in those 2 hours than I do at most shows all day.  The band was great the first year.  Last year the rain kept the bands away.

Anyway, if you are in the Indy area you should check this one out this Saturday.  You won’t be disappointed.  I have been trying to get some sewing done this week for the show.  First, I have 3 more bags made.


The black print and flower print are the last in those fabrics.  The green print is the first in that print.  You know I almost always have to have some green things.

I am also in the process of making a batch of 60 headbands.  I tried to finish them this morning during Cooper’s morning nap, but my machine didn’t cooperate.  I kept getting the top thread hung up in the machine.  A sure sign that I was not getting them done this morning.  Here is the current state of affairs.

headbands 2headbands 1

Notice the green shoes up above?  Did I mention I always need some green!  On a side note, this is what our family room looks like.  IMG_4513 Lauren and her friend are keeping busy on this rainy day.  It’s the first week of summer break.  It was 85 yesterday and 65 today.  Welcome to Indiana. . .

CPSC issues guidelines for small business and resellers

February 9th, 2009

The CPCS has just released the following guide: Guidance on the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSIA) for Small Businesses, Resellers, Crafters and Charities

If I get the GCCs from my suppliers, then I will be OK through 2/10/2010 if the stay is not appealed.  If it is, then I will be OK until August 2009 when 3rd party testing will be required (the expensive testing).

I still have not resolved the phthalate question regarding bibs, burps and blankets.

CPSIA and what it means to me

February 9th, 2009

Tomorrow is February 10th and it is the day that the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) goes into effect.  Those 5 letters seem so innocent, but they have not been far from the forefront of my existence since I became aware of them in November.  I am writing this post as a brain dump of what I have read or heard, what I question, what I am thankful about it for and what I have yet to understand.  Anything written from here out is my opinion or interpretation and by no means is the absolute truth of the matter.  Because, as will probably become apparent, no one knows what the truth about it is.  That’s the problem.

First, it amazes me how many people have never even heard of CPSIA. Especially those that are directly impacted by it.  I commend those that have tirelessly fought to bring the issue to the public eye.  Just trying to figure out how it affects Lucky Ducky Designs and what I should be doing has tired me enough.  So what am I doing?  Here is a breakdown by topic:

  • LEAD CONTENT:  My first concern when I looked at my products were the snaps on my bibs.  Many know how adamant I am about not having velcro on them.  But I had to be honest - were they safe?  Until August ‘09 I can say they meet the current lead requirements under CPSIA.  Why only Aug 09?  Because by then I am required to have the testing done on the finished product and can’t use the certification that I received from my snap supplier.  All of my other materials are fabric - mostly cotton.  I have received certs from several suppliers, but not all.  Even the CPSC says it is not going after textiles, but that is still not good enough come August when finished products need testing.
  • PHTHALATES - This one really gets my blood pressure rising.  They are chemicals that are in vinyls and plastics.  What needs to be tested for them?  Products that are for feeding and sleeping - including bibs and blankets.  But my bibs and blankets do not have plastic or vinyl parts.  Do I still need to test?  I don’t know.  Also, the only testing that can be done is destructive, so I would need to send my cotton bibs and burp cloths and blankets to a testing lab to get destroyed and pay thousands to have it done.  I am pulling a wait and see on this one, but by August, I think I will need to have the testing done to continue selling them.  Which I probably won’t do, unless I suddenly can triple or quadruple my sales to justify the expense.
  • CERTIFICATION - I should be getting GCC’s available for my products, but I haven’t sent my products to get the XRF testing done and since I haven’t had a request for one yet, I am still delaying to see what it is I actually am required to do.  Will my supplier certs be enough to base my own cert on?  What about the phthalate issue for the bibs, if I offer a gcc without testing for the phthalate on the end product, am I more liable?  (although I know that they are safe.)
  • LABELING - Come August we need to have batch labeling and other info permanently labeled on our products (not on a hang tag).  My batches are never more than 5 of a given fabric at a time.  What kind of labeling will be needed for OOAK?
  • STAY - many following CPSIA have heard that the CPSC has applied a 1 year stay that allows manufacturers to transition and allows a lot of questionable things about the CPSIA law to be figured out.  However there are special interest groups that are fighting the stay, so any day it can be overturned.  Also, the stay is for testing and certification, you may still be liable if an item doesn’t meet the required levels.  How do you know it doesn’t reach those levels?  You test.  Or you do as I am hoping to do and get the certs from all of your suppliers and pray that at some point in time they say that those certs are enough.
  • SAG- State Attorney Generals - What do they have to do with it all? Well, although the CPSC has processed the stay, SAG’s can legally enforce the law and charge those not complying.  Several have already reported that they will enforce it.

So that is my quick rundown of my confusion that is the CPSIA.  I do not know what it all means for the future of my small business.  I want safe products available and I would not knowingly break the law.  I believe in the safety of my products.It is the testing and documenting thatwill end up being cost prohibitive.  Also, it seems to be changing everyday, so if I XRF test today(which my latest estimate was $350 - much more reasonable), who’s to say that I won’t need to do additional testing anyway when something else changes.  The phthalate testing still hasn’t been resolved, except to say that it is required for all productsretroactively, not just those produced in the future (thanks to a special interest law suit).

So those are my ramblings on CPSIA and Lucky Ducky Designs.  I haven’t even mentioned how it affect ALL products for children 12 and under - bicycles, school supplies, books (post-1985 have been OK’ed by CPSC, most before that have lead in the ink-have you heard of children getting sick from old books?). Also resale shops are in the same boat as the retailers - you may sell without testing, but you are liable if the product has been found to have any lead above the required levels.

I want children safe.  I want to obey the law.  I don’t want to go bankrupt to do it.  I don’t want to fill landfill with products that are safe but illegal to sell or give away because they aren’t properly tested or documented.  I want someone with some power to understand the ramifications of this instead of placating us by saying it doesn’t apply to us because it does.

I guess I have rambled enough.  Although I was hoping that if I did a brain dump I would feel about it.  I don’t.  But I need to get back to work on some orders and focus on my family as well.

Oh yeah, what am I thankful for?  I am thankful that this law has made people aware that just because something is for sale, it doesn’t mean that it is good for you.  Of course the other 99% of products are suffering the consquences.

New size of headbands added to shop

February 7th, 2009

Lucky Ducky Designs HeadbandWell I finally did it!  I went ahead and added a Medium size headband to the shop.  Now the headband is available in 3 sizes:

  • Small - 19-1/2″ unstretched
  • Medium - 20-1/2″ unstretched
  • Large - 21-1/2″ unstretched

I often get asked how to figure out which headband size is the best.  Here is how I would figure it out.  Measure where the headband would be comfortably worn.  If it is very close to one of my sizes - great, order that size.  If it is between sizes, decide what the preference is.  If you prefer a tighter fit, go to the smaller size.  Looser fit?  Then go for the larger size.  It really is that simple.  I used to have them classified as Kids and Adult Headbands, but found that head size is very individual and had kids getting a large size and adults getting the small.  Go figure.  Hopefully, by adding the Medium size, we can make even more people addicted to our headbands.

So go check out our headbands now.  Why live with a bad hair day ever again?  (also available in our Amazon.com shop)

New items on sale!

January 22nd, 2009

I just updated Lucky Ducky Designs and my shop on Amazon to put 3 discontinued fabrics on sale.  All are marked 25% off and are in all categories - bib and burp cloths, blankets and blanket sets, and aprons.

The three fabrics on sale include:

Fern County Firemen:

fern county firemen receiving blanket set

Fern County Firemen Receiving Blanket set

Happy Faces:

Happy Faces Burp Cloth Set

Happy Faces Burp Cloth Set

Seventh Inning Stretch:

Seventh Inning Stretch Bib & Burp Cloth Set

Seventh Inning Stretch Bib & Burp Cloth Set

Even better, if you paid attention to my last post, I am running a pre-CPSIA coupon to take 25% off your order using the coupon code “take25″ at checkout.

It’s a great time to get some bargains on some very popular prints that are in very limited supply.  Unfortunately, I’ve had to postpone ordering new prints until CPSIA is more definitive and I know what the operating costs will be to comply.  I hate having to wait - I need some new fabric!

CPSIA - There is hope after all!

January 16th, 2009

Things may be looking up!!!  Those that sponsored the bill in congress have written a letter to the head of CPSC to address concerns and to do it before February 10th.  See pdf of letter here.

Courtesy of K. Fasanella at Fashion-Incubator, one of best with information about CPSIA!

CPSIA - interesting interview from CPSIA spokesman

January 16th, 2009

Since the new CSPIA regs have such a great impact on my little biz, I have been following all of the latest info I can get a hold of.  Mostly, I have been following CPSIA on twitter.  Yesterday I saw the interview with Julie Vallese, the spokesman for the CPSC (until yesterday, when her resignation took affect).  In short, she basically doesn’t answer any of the interviewers questions.  And they wonder why we are all concerned about the impact on our businesses.  If only someone could give a clear, concise answer to any questions people have, instead of saying it’s being blown out of proportion and misinterpreted (of course it’s being misinterpreted - no one is giving any valid clarification of what it all means!).  I have heard of way to many small business owners closing shop due to this.  Congress is having a closed door meeting on it today.  I can’t wait to hear what comes of it.

This is a great post about vallese’s interview and some info.  Check it out!

Start checking around for some great bargains on kids stuff in the meantime.  I was in Target the other day and the shelves in the baby section were pretty bare.  Unfortunately, many small business are marking down to reduce inventory by Feb 10th.  So I need to as well.

Take 25% off your purchase at Lucky Ducky Designs with coupon code take25 at checkout.